Hello y’all,

For the past 2 weeks, in my free time, I have been working on a paper/digital guide which brings together all the information and knowledge about surfing.

I want to bring together as many things as possible in order to make this work complete and advanced, like a sort of "surfing bible" that will be useful to beginners and veterans.

At the moment, my job is focused on gathering as much information and sources as I can find. But I would also like to make this book artistically interesting, with a special design and layout, filled with surf-related references and many artworks

For now, here is the plan that I made, i feel like there is a lot of chapters and categories missing (no precision of the subjects covered in the categories)

I: What is surfing?

1. History of the game mode
2. The accidental discovery of surfing by charles "mariowned" joice
3. ka_killbox, surf_thegap and surf_egypt
4. Physics and baristochrone curve

II: How to “surf”?

1. Servers and games supported
2. Fundamentals - Start and understand
3. Maps et tiers
4. The progression curve

III: Finding your surfing style

1. Intro: knowing how to ask yourself the question: “Why do I surf? »
2. The different styles of maps
3. The different surfing styles (Forward, Half SideWays, SideWays, BackWards)
4. Deepen, perfect, break a world record
5. Other surfing disciplines and other surf related games (BHOP, KZ, FALLSURF, COMBATSURF, OTHER STYLES)

IV: “Kamikaze Strike Force” Community

1. History
2. Servers
3. Custom Configuration - Hardware, dedicated to CSS and KSF
4. Complete list of commands by question statement
5. Complete VIP commands and extra List
6. Third-party software and mods, dedicated to CSS and KSF
7. Demos and clips guide
8. Community and Notable Members
9. KSF Records 66T & 100T
10. Events.

I am looking for help to expand and add chapters that are missing from the categories. Any knowledge on subjects that are related to surfing, or that are stated in the categories are welcome

I don't know the history of surfing well so I would like to get in touch with experienced veterans who could tell me more about the history and particularly that of KSF.

I don't know the physics of surfing well and how it actually works in the game engine as well as its evolution, from quake to CSS, I would like to deepen my knowledge on this subject.

I know that for the moment its only a sketch, but with time and help I know that im going to succeed in putting everything into shape.

If you want to help or participate in the project, or put me in contact with people who would be ok to participate, please contact me on steam or reply to this thread.

Much love fellas. clamS