I'm Kirby, I joined in 2015 so 7 years later I might introduce myself.
Haven't surfed in quite a while, nolifed surf for 3-4 years or so some years ago on CS:GO random servers mostly, started on the Swedish Publiclir servers in 2013-2014. I think rickster surfed there back then a bit, and some other people, Swedes like myself. Then I've surfed a lot on Horizon and a few other well-known places, FOG, a lot of 85 tick and 102 tick surfing but mainly 64 tick.
A friend of mine introduced me to surf, and I hate him for it, I got stupidly addicted and spent way too much time surfing, I had to cut myself off from it.

Not surfing now and I'm not planning on ever starting it up again but the 3.5k hours surfed was a good time, chatting and talking to a lot of different people. Maybe people recognize me, especially people who surfed on cs:go, fun times.

Surf is great.