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    Surf tournament isnt fair + suggestions

    i have to rewrite this since my youtube comment didnt go through, i think youtube flagged it as spam from my comment history commenting on my own videos. i write this only to add value to the community.

    Whos to say the winner came in first place, if there were different judges it would be a different story. its not clear how the tournament is set up or judged or at least in the youtube videos but no matter how its set up i still think its unfair. some mappers are good at creating good gameplay in many ways while some are good at making background art ect. theres really alot of variables and everyones different theres no such thing as being the best. the best to one can be the worst to another. now how does the tournament benefit the community? i think its very discouraging to upcoming or future mappers.

    how about making a system where when mapper create a map and upload it to game bannana or whatever platform (ksf or momentum mod website) so theres an opportunity for mappers to get rewarded for learning and becoming skilled and putting in time and effort into adding content for the game for people to enjoy. they dont have opportunity's like surfers have, not many want to watch a mapper make a map on twitch vs a surfer. think about how much value something like this would bring. contribution to the game with mapping has the potential to receive compensation that is not judged by any standard because one person might be rich and donate a full bit coin to a mapper for whatever reason.

    let me rephrase that im tired right now. consider adding a platform for mappers to upload a map that shows the creators, some maps are co created. for whatever reason people can donate to the mappers for their creation. how ever it might go, split the earnings. maybe use crypto currency. will take alot of consideration. maybe the game developers it self can take some of the profits. i mean they wouldnt be making money in the first place if it wasnt for ksf and or momentum mod team.

    also how about adding a tutorial section on whatever website, for surf or other momentum game modes strategy's. surf has so many advance techniques. theres so much to learn and when the learning curve is less overwhelming it will improve the lifespan of potential long time players and supporters to the community. among many other benefits.

    the player base might not be so big for all these to make alot of sense to implement now but it cant be that hard to think about and make. the community will happily contribute in making tutorials if you learn how to set up a platform for them to do so in an organized way. the potential is there for this game to blow up. there just needs to be more education and marketing. so its easier to start and more known. look at track mania. momentum mod can have such a bigger player base cause i really think momentum mod is far better than track mania. i think more people would agree than disagree if they understood both games.

    theres many streamers who love trying new games. track mania streamers might be a good place to start cause they are already into speed running, make it easy for them to try momentum mod so it blows up. how does one go about starting. their mouses suck, they computers arent optimized, they might be overwhelmed by how hard it might seem. it doesnt have to be a secret how to get good. to me the game is more fun when its competitive. the creators of the game surely would want more people to enjoy it at least and maybe they want to make more money. this is a good tutorial section for the game. add affiliate links to recommended budget pc's and gear and the best gear. also simple guide how to optimize a computer in a safe way of coarse (not that hard to do, there are experts who do this for a living or have alot of experience). some surfers probably know as much about computers to be considered an pc optimizing expert.
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    mappers are free to ask for donations for their individual maps. I believe GameBanana even has a paypal integration already. KSF puts on these contests to create a fun event for the community and to reward mappers. People donate knowing the judges will be the ones deciding who the money gets passed along to. Also, there were 12 maps made for this most recent contest over a span of 6 weeks - these contests are definitely the most productive period for surf mapping, so I don't think it is discouraging for mappers.

    If you look at the KSF playtime on the top 5 maps of the last contest, I'm certain they average much higher than most other maps released around the same time. It's undeniable that these contests are adding value to surf. Our main criteria as judges is how much value each map adds to the surf community.
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