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    Important: Mute/Gag is not a guaranteed feature. VIP privileges do not give a player the power moderate the servers. It is only to be used in extreme circumstances when no other admins are online. Any abuse of this privilege will result in immediate removal.

    List of commands included within our VIP package:

    1. !customtag/sm_customtag - This will allow you to set multiple colors in a single tag.
    2. !resetname/sm_resetname - This feature will allow users who want don't want the VIP tag to reset their chattag back to the default setting.
    3. !admin - Access the VIP selection menu for model changer and map votes.
    4. !chatcolor/sm_chatcolor - In console you can set your name, tag, and text to any color scheme you want.

    Usage: sm_chatcolor "{04}" "{01}" "{06}"

    Value one is used to change your team color (The *DEAD*/*SPEC* and Counter-Terrorist/Terrorist portion of text).
    Value two is used to change your name color in chat.
    Value three is used to change your text color in chat.

    Usage: sm_customtag "{04}Here{01}Is{02}My{06}Tag"

    5. !customname/sm_customname - Use this to set your name and the colors of the characters within your name.

    Custom Color Variable List:
    [Use sm_colors to view these codes in console.]

    {01} CSS Yellow
    {02} CSS Light Green
    {03} CSS Team Color
    {04} CSS Bright Green
    {05} CSS Olive Green
    {06} CSS Spectator
    {07} CSS Terrorist
    {08} CSS CT
    {09} White
    {10} Black
    {11} Red
    {12} Maroon
    {13} Yellow
    {14} Olive
    {15} Lime
    {16} Green
    {17} Aqua
    {18} Teal
    {19} Blue
    {20} Navy
    {21} Magenta
    {22} Purple
    {23} Salmon
    {24} LightSalmon
    {25} Pink
    {26} Hot Pink
    {27} Deep Pink
    {28} Orange
    {29} Dark Orange
    {30} Orange Red
    {31} Tomato
    {32} Yellow
    {33} Violet
    {34} Dark Violet
    {35} Indigo
    {36} Green Yellow
    {37} Pale Green
    {38} Medium Spring Green
    {39} Spring Green
    {40} Sea Green
    {41} Yellow Green
    {42} Aquamarine
    {43} Turquoise
    {44} Royal Blue
    {45} Midnight Blue
    {46} Brown
    {47} Wheat
    Custom Color: {}RRGGBB
    Custom Alpha: {A}RRGGBBAA

    Visit to generate gradients and other color shemes for your text.

    6. !trails/sm_trails - Use this to access the trail menu.

    7. !thirdperson/sm_thirdperson - View your model from a third person point of view.
    8. !demos/sm_demos - View all the latest surf demo's from our various servers.
    9. !uploadeddemos/sm_uploadeddemos - Create a link which can be used to download a particular demo.
    10. !mute/sm_mute - This command along with gag has been added for vips, any abuse of this command will result in termination of your privileges.
    11. !vip_status/sm_vip_status - This feature has been added to allow users to check the expiration date of their VIP package.

    List of additional privileges:

    Access to our expert only server.
    Report a cheated time.

    1. Enter "!prinfo playername" or "!mtop mapname" or "!rmtop mapname" to access a players menu page.
    2. When you have the rank menu of the player open, select 9.
    3. View personal records, then choose the map and select detailed.
    4. Find the correct page of the stage you wish to report.
    5. Select the option "6. Report" and your report will be submitted with instructions on how to a reason if you wish.

    After being reviewed, if we determine the submitted time is cheated, it will be deleted from our records.
    To view submitted reports you can type !reports

    VIP's can now paint! In order to use this feature you must first enter in console: bind f +paint and bind mwheelup paint_toggle (to change colors). You can also use paint_size to change decal size.


    Once you are ready you donate, please visit

    Australian users can visit

    **This is a donation to help KSF pay our server hosting fees. Any privileges you receive are complementary and may be revoked due to (but not limited to) cheating and abuse of privileges.**
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