1. Do not run any program that modifies counter-strike source, this may also include (but is not limited too) configurations which spam jump or crouch.
  2. Obvious game modifications may encompass anything from aimbots, wall hacks, sv_cheats commands, to timescaling and bunnyhop scripts. (Please note that anything repeatedly entered into console may ban you if the commands exceed ten per second.)
  3. Please note that excessive "hyperscrolling" may result in a ban if +jump is being spammed for long periods of times.
  4. Although there is a four hop limit for bunnyhopping on the server, prehopping to gain velocity before hitting a ramp is forbidden.
  5. Music may be played if the majority of players on the server agree to it, but obnoxious or annoying micspam is NOT allowed. (Excessive radio spamming may also result in a ban)
  6. If a player finds an exploit in a map that has never been found (glitched boosts, getting on top of a spawn boxes, bhopping lights, ect), please report it to a ksf admin before attempting to break a record with it.
  7. Any player who does not report these kinds of glitches and breaks a record using it, may be permanently banned depending on the circumstances.
  8. Any language may be spoken on your microphone, unless a numerous amounts of complaints are reported.
  9. Dodging gag or mute by rejoining the server will result in a ban. If you are gagged/muted by a VIP, please report it to a KSF member who will then determine whether the gag/mute was warranted.
  10. Using VIP chat tag privileges to mimic a rank higher than your own will result in a ban.
  11. If you find an admin who is abusing please report them on the complaints section of ksfclan.com/forums
  12. Setting nextmap to the current map being played is forbidden, along with using changemap to return to a map directly after it has been played. (This is being implemented in order to make sure a single map isn't played for extended periods of time). This rule does not apply on the expert server.
  13. Do not share accounts with any other player, this will result in a permanent ban of both users involved.
  14. If you do have a second account, please do not get records (including tops, wrcps and wrbs) on secondary accounts or these accounts will be banned.
  15. Do not attempt to exploit maxvelocity (specifically by using a boost to enter the zone at a higher elevation).
  16. Discriminatory statements including racist, homophobic or transphobic remarks, as well as targeted harrassment will not be tolerated.
  17. Crouchboosting / glitching (i.e. side ways boosting a trigger, enter and exit a trigger quickly from the side/top/bottom thereby achieving a strong double boost) is a bannable offense.
  18. If a player does get banned for any of the reasons stated above and attempts to circumvent the punishment by using another steam account, every subsequent account will be added to the banlist.

    The ONLY WAY to have a permanent ban retracted is to contact one of the owners, who will then determine an appropriate donation price to relinquish the ban. This will vary based on the offense that was committed. Donation price WILL increase if the player attempts to circumvent the punishment.

    (This is not only for the effort wasted on catching cheaters, but also to ensure anyone who has previously cheated will not commit the same offense twice)

  19. Please note that unt0uch and evolv reserve the right to permanently ban a user for any reason not listed on this page.