View Entry Info: Banned for bind spamming on multiple accounts error

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i was not playing during the ban
Admins online(afk or not)
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Which admin do you think banned you
What was the chat username of the admin who banned you.
Why you think you were banned
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    Exclamation Banned for bind spamming on multiple accounts error

    Hello i believe there is some kind of error. I go over seas quite often and don't have a lot of free time to play, i hop on once in a blue moon. I'm unsure when and how i received this ban but i believe it is some sort of error or mistake. If there is any way to look into the ban request or admin's comments regarding the matter it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Still no update. Are VPNs banned on this server? I wouldn't think they are but its the only thing i can come up with since i do not own multiple accounts...

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    We have IP bans so if a player gets banned playing on a VPN you get flagged as well. I'll unban you

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