View Entry Info: Incorrect multi-account ban

Unban Request
Name being used on the server at the time
Enter your chat username at that time of your ban.
Date and Time of ban
Please give us an estimate of when you were banned.
Admins online(afk or not)
What admins were online during the time of the ban.
None i think, the last time I remember playing KSF, there was nobody else on the Easy server I was on
Which admin do you think banned you
What was the chat username of the admin who banned you.
Why you think you were banned
Was there a reason given for your ban?
When I try to connect it says "You Are Permanently Banned. Reason: bind spamming on multiple accounts."
Your SteamID
Please enter your steamid.
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    Incorrect multi-account ban

    I have only logged into KSF servers with this account, so I think I just got caught up in a wide ban of somebody else suspected of multi-accounting. As for bind spamming, the only bind I was spamming would be my reset bind to say '!r' or sm_restart, especially with how bad at surf I am

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    bleh, this was meant to be in csgo section, I have gotten rusty at reading bbcode forums. Looks like nobody has gotten succcessfully unbanned via the forums in a long time, so I will just close this

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