Tried to make a post before but it didn't work lol

My friend bart got banned last year for 'Strafehack', I've spoken to him since he's returned home and he says he used an autohop cheat, I understand that isn't acceptable and is bannable but considering he plays 100t 99% of the time which is now autohop I don't think its that bad? also I know of others who have used the exact same autohop cheat and not been banned, and it was pretty obvious when you'd spectate people before global autohop and they'd consistently get perfect bhops every single time.

Obviously people called bart out for strafehacking too, and I understand that if someone is willing to use an autohop cheat, then there's a good chance that they will use other cheats too, but I'm good friends with bart and If he's open about cheating using autohop with me I'm sure he'd tell me about strafe cheats too, plus all the people who said he strafehacked was only speculation, it's easy to look at someone with good strafes and say they're cheating, look at some of the top bhoppers, they literally get banned from bhop servers because an admin assumes they're cheating if they're too good.

Understandable if there's no chance of an unban but worth a try,