My apologies - accidentally created this in CSS first.

I quit CSGO the week it did two things [I told my friends I would quit if it ever did] - F2P and BR mode - back in 2018/9.

With a desire to once again play a real competitive game, I have returned to CSGO.
To my surprise - when trying to surf on your servers I see that I was permanently banned for bind spamming. I don't recall ever giving out my info to a friend on my main account (the ID linked), but my others were used like the town bike. This is account specific right? Just wondering if it was possible one of my alts is banned and you guys do a hardware check and I got my main banned after the alt was?

I honestly do not know what I would have done to get banned. I have friends with the stupidest bind spams, but I do not nor have I ever. Not arguing - I doubt you have 4 year old logs - just really confused.

Not saying I am innocent - hell if you can find what I did burn me. Honestly curious as I have no memory of altercations in surf :/. Voice off, surf on.

Thank you for your consideration. I greatly appreciate your time.

I've only ever had these bound:
F6 - '.hp' (old esea I think ?)
[ - 'GLHF'
] - 'GH'
\ - 'GG'

And I just recently added
; - '!r'