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uh something like 6 days ago
Admins online(afk or not)
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Was there a reason given for your ban?
well, i was banned for getting someone rank 7 on tronic which when it happened i knew i fucked up. i also got josh aka longmo 8 a group 4 on tronic few months back.
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Thread: oops

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    so i got banned for 61 days i think, maybe 60 anyway doesnt matter. i account shared which is obviously wrong. i got a friend of mine called solo a rank 7 on tronic, also got longmo8 aka josh a group 4 months ago just because he wanted a time, idiot move.

    look i did wrong, i didnt even argue it as i knew i fucked up. make me wait the full 60 days or not, i get it. but worth an ask.


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    13. Do not share accounts with any other player, this will result in a permanent ban of both users involved.
    14. If you do have a second account, please do not get records (including tops, wrcps and wrbs) on secondary accounts or these accounts will be banned.

    you're lucky you didn't get a permanent ban

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    Yeh, few hours after I wrote this I realised this post was dumb & that Sam was kind enough to not permanently ban me. I will come back when my ban is up & keep to myself this time.

    Sorry for an idiot post.

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