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By the way, to the reader who didn't know, Sony did cover up for death threat rumors about me as he is a somewhat head admin (thus somewhat responsible for its content) on the Discord where he has kept me banned from denying the false allegations, excluded me from the evidence without luck, and hasn't done anything to crack down on the wide-spread rumors which he probably/maybe knew of, but neither after being informed by me, despite he could search them up on his Discord and find them in a few seconds (just like all his other colleagues) - and still has not cracked down on the rumors after evidence was provided. So yes, Sony is that kind of guy who embraces death threat rumors that falsely portray a person as a perpetrator.

But as can be predicted in the following comments:
Jabra, can you please stop dragging my name through the mud.

As I recently said, I have not once deleted anyone's messages that have pertained to this situation or have tried to cover it up whatsoever.

I do not believe I have ever banned your accounts as well. You can create an account, look up all the previous messages you desire, and I will not ban you. Simple as that.

Let's get back to the crux of this situation. I agree that you didn't specifically say that you were going to kill Simex. I believe you did something far worse.

You told someone that's underage to kill themselves. Not only did you do this, you told him to kill himself in detail.

Here is the translated version of what you said. "Lie down in your mud cave, rot up and die like the creep you are."

You not only wanted him to kill himself, you wanted him to do it in one of the most disgusting ways imaginable. You wanted him to kill himself slowly. You wanted him to slowly succumb to the effects of dehydration, starvation, and hypothermia. Not only that, you then wanted him to rot in that cave, where his family would never be able to recover his remains for a decent burial. This is what you implied with your message, and it's disgusting.

You can make any excuse that you would like, such as saying you were extremely mad; however, you will never be excused from saying such a thing.

You will always carry this burden with you for the rest of your life, and I feel sorry for you, Jabra.

I hope one day you will apologize to Simex, again. I also hope that you will internally reconcile and admit to yourself that what you said was horribly wrong, and to strive to become a better person.