Even though this image is less than 200kb I cant embed it:

The VIP payer muted me [Callum] and another VIP [Pessimist] for a total of 130 minutes. 30 to me and 100 to the other play. This was because we were taking it in turns playing music through our Voicemeeter.

Server sounds and DJs are the most oldschool thing since the days of Quake and COD1. It is not spam and does not bother anyone. He is a fool proof arugment:

If you are a person who surfs with game sounds turned on, that means you hear not only peoples voices but footsteps, flashlights and everything else. If me and my friend played as high-quality-as you can get on CSS music through VOIP, the only thing a person must do if they wished to just hear footsteps (why would you want to play CSS to hear 17 year old sound files) is to type the command voice_enable in the console and disable VOIP.

Instead this person muted 2 players 1 who is a VIP and I am a rookie who has played every day since 12th of this month.

Fuck that guy, he was mean.
Thanks for reading