View Entry Info: KSF Application for Marble

First Name
Your real name.
CSS Username
Please enter your counter-strike username.
Steam ID
Please enter your correct steamid.
Steam Account Name
Please enter your steam account name.
You must be 16 or older to apply.
16 (totally not 14)
Please enter your country of origin.
United States Of America
Duration of time applicant has been playing CSS
Use your best estimate.
1.7k hours since july 2018
Duration of time applicant has been surfing on CSS
Use your best estimate.
I played bhop mainly for the longer time but first started playing ksf mainly like september 2019
Duration of time applicant has been playing on KSF
You can check your playtime on the server.
43 days
List of skill maps completed
You can use tier 5 maps and above.
surf_whynot, surf_treespam, surf_zen, surf_syria_again, surf_valpect, surf_royal, surf_stonework4, surf_sinsane_ksf, surf_jumble, surf_exile, surf_hades2 and surf_hades1 theres some more t6's i cant find.
Reason for application
Please enter why you want to be in the KSF Clan.
I feel ive gotten more known in the community in the past few months and would like to join the other people. I also like the community this server has.
Contributions applicant has made/can make towards the KSF Community.
Any useful talents can be written here.
I could spread my stream which has been growing rapidly since the tourney.
Do you actively use a microphone and/or have a microphone
You can answer yes or no.
Do you actively participate on the KSFClan forums
We ask that you stay active on our forums.
No but I will start to
Do you actively participate on the KSF Clan Discord?
It's not required, but will be beneficial if you participate on our discord server.
Are you currently in another clan? If so please post your current clan
You cannot be in another clan while in KSF.
Number of points obtained
Whats your current point total on our server?
152k at the current moment
Points from top ten records
How many points have you gotten from top 10's?
World record number
Have you ever broken a world record, world record checkpoints, or world record bonus?
9 wrs, 17 wrcps, and 18 wrbs

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    KSF Application for Marble

    Some people thought I could make it in so lets see!

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    +1 insane gamer

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