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Unban Request
Name being used on the server at the time
Enter your chat username at that time of your ban.
Date and Time of ban
Please give us an estimate of when you were banned.
Admins online(afk or not)
What admins were online during the time of the ban.
Which admin do you think banned you
What was the chat username of the admin who banned you.
Why you think you were banned
Was there a reason given for your ban?
journeys b3
Your SteamID
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    lit unban request

    I was already banned for this so idk why I log on to ksf with another ban. I served a 24 hour ban without making a forum post because I wasn't able to sign up due to there not being a pick avatar slot. Anyway, I didn't mind the first ban, I exploited a map (unknowingly - I was just following the bot replay on Journeys b3) but now I log on I am rebanned. There is 12 hours left or so on the ban so it would be nice to get unbanned or at least an explanation.
    Thanks :)

    edit - I was not online during the second ban which is why I am asking for clarification on why a second ban on 1 offense.

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    By the time this gets read by admins, your ban will most likely be expired.

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    I've read it in time and unbanned him a bit earlier, was a few days ago.. I don't think this thread really matters/helps

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