Hello everyone!

I am Buttons, I have been around the KSFclan surf community for almost 5 years. I only surf in CSGO as of now because CSS bhops with the slanted screen trigger me. I have been surfing for just over 5 years around various CSGO surf servers until I found my home within the KSF servers (I love all of the commands available from the KSF surftimer, far more than any servers in the past).

Rank: Expert (rank 54 - 70189 points)

PC: 64.85%

Current surf goals include:
-70% PC (would settle for the big 69%)
-Beating my first T6 map
-Joining the 100k points club

Looking forward to meeting/getting to know more surfers among the community, as I barely know any of the CSS surfers as of now.