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    Hey guys, a while ago, I made my first surf map, called surf_rope. I'll have to admit, it's not the best map, i think it is rushed and it isn't aesthetically pleasing. Please have a bit of a look to see how I could improve. I'm gaining an interest in mapmaking and I'd like to improve by each map. Tell me what you think.
    im not too good at making these, come back later.

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    Learning more about lighting instead of telling players to mat_fullbright 1 could be a good start

    Good tutorial:

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    I have a few things. I'm by no means a mapper, just personal opinion and knowledge, so yah.

    For me, personally, it feels like you didn't really think of a "route". It's as if (not saying you did) you made a start and an end, then threw ramps down that are hopefully surf-able to the end. No real flow to it. I think more thought needs to be put into how you want to go from ramp A to B every time you go to add a new ramp.

    Reasons to it not flowing well personally is there are ramps or bhops between two ramps that can work well together that don't need to be there and seem to be there just to be in the way. Examples here:

    The second ramp is useless simply because it's too slow to finish map, I think, and that it's 10x harder to land on than just skipping it.

    Same deal as first picture, when you have the speed to finish the map, bhopping makes you too high for that next ramp which you need which just makes it a structure to dodge for no reason.

    Another thing of it not flowing well is that the ramp on that first picture is the one thing that pretty much matters for the rest of the map because for the rest of it you just keep going up and up losing speed, never regaining.

    As said above by murgle, mat_fullbright 1 definitely isn't the way to go when mapping. From what I saw when surfing it, is that there are lights but they simply aren't bright enough at their default value to light the scale of the map. I'm sure the tutorial above will help with all that.

    You currently also have it so you can telehop, you probably should make it so you can't unless thats how you intend it to be. From my knowledge there are 2 ways you can go about doing it. The second way you'd want to also do the first way if you are spawning the player in the air on a stage map. For this map since it's linear it shouldn't matter which you do.

    The simple way that has always been done is make a box out of player clips around the teleport destination in hammer so you slam into the wall losing all speed.

    The second way is having it so instead of it teleporting you straight to the start, it teleports you somewhere right outside the map into a solid block which then teleports you to the start, it's more seamless compared to how it sounds.

    Good luck!

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