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    Rewarding mappers thread #2

    So since the last thread didn't go anywhere and I think this is still something that should be addressed (especially with my new map coming out in one or two weeks :^) ) I've decided to bring this up one more time.

    For anyone who doesn't know, my idea was to reward mappers for putting out quality maps by giving them VIP for some amount of time based on how much content their work provides. Since in the last thread people offered some pointers that could be mentioned again, I'll address those first:

    1. Who or what would determine whether a map can be considered high quality or not?

    Imo it should be determined by a mix of good surfers aswell as good mappers. On the discord server many are actively partaking in the community, if I were to list some "fair" (as in not cynical) members I'd say Beetle, Syncronyze, Hardex, Zombie, Morning, AyRunner, Juxtapo, Phurix, the list goes on and on.

    1.1 How could the judgement take place exactly?

    An idea I had in my head would be that after the map gets released on KSF and all of the jury members have played it/taken a look at it, they could provide their own personal score (this could be like on gamebanana where you give a score from 1 to 10 for all I care).

    If the resulting average score ends up over a certain threshold it is seen as high quality and therefor rewarded.

    2. What rewards should be given out?

    As already mentioned I think the best way to reward mappers would be to give them VIP for a certain amount of time based on how much content their maps provided.

    In my head this could go as followed: If you have a map with a 1 minute map route and 3 bonuses that add up to another minute of content, it would result in the map providing 2 minutes of content, so 2 months of VIP.
    Furthermore I would add a minimum reward of 1 month so creating short linear maps still gets rewarded (a counter argument to this could be that every mapper would release nothing but short linears so I'm open for other suggestions, though I honestly don't think good mappers would scoop that low for $7.)

    Mappers are getting rewarded enough by being able to play the maps on the servers!

    This argument is the mapping equivalent to someone wanting to pay a twitter artist in exposure. It's just not how things work.

    3. Why should mappers get rewarded?

    I don't think it's hard to understand that people who create good maps keep KSF and skill surf in general alive. Everytime a new map comes out the servers are full, everytime there's a lack of new maps the servers are empty because all you see is one meta map after the other being played.
    They are providing the content you're all able to enjoy, putting in work in their free time.
    Rewarding someone like Mr. Cow with $21 worth of VIP for putting in hundreds of hours of WORK to create something like sw4 shouldn't be an insane idea to think about.

    4. Wouldn't this hurt KSF financially?

    With the introduction of private servers going by $100 per month for CSS, I'm fairly certain giving a handful of mappers VIP wouldn't kill KSF's budget, correct me if I'm wrong.

    In fact I think KSF could profit from this, since rewarding people to create content could motivate them to continue making it and thus bringing more life to the servers, which then again would attract more people.

    I'm very well aware that not everyone shares this opinion and I could be wasting my time writing paragraphs just to get a "no cya" from Sacred (it's a joke I love you), but I think this really wouldn't be hard to do at all with a huge positive effect, if at least to kill the "surf's dead haHAA" meme.

    There are some thoughts I'd wanna discuss:

    - minimum of 1 month VIP for short linears?
    - how would this affect collabs?
    - is there a better way to determine content and with that reward?

    That's all,
    - Sam


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    Vip is only $7 a month, in my opinion mappers deserve alot more credit, but this is a start for sure

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    We shouldn't overcomplicate this tbh. If it's happening, then rather on a fixed basis, so like a month of VIP whenever your map gets added so you can be on all servers when it's played. Don't think we need a voting system. Maybe an outstanding map could be rewarded more, but if a map gets added then it should be good enough anyway.

    I certainly wouldn't base it on map length / amount of bonuses etc.

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    I agree with Sacred pretty much.

    I think two months of VIP per map accepted to KSF (Refreshes for each map added, doesn't stack on) and then lifetime VIP, or at least unbarred access to vet/expert (Sangre already has this for being a good mapper) for highly skilled mappers (can use judges or just played time) would be my suggestion.

    Also that Mr. Cow quote is absolutely retarded. Nobody maps for hundreds of hours with the only motivating factor being free VIP. We don't deserve free VIP by any means and nobody maps expecting it; I just think it'd be a nice way for KSF to show appreciation to us for helping keep surf alive.

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    Giving out free VIP takes away from those that have paid for it. I'd say access to exp/vet for a month when their map is released is enough of a reward so they can be on the servers getting feedback as their map is played. If Sangre already has a flag for that it's probably easy for sacred/untouch/evolv

    If you map expecting a reward other than people enjoying surfing your map just quit lol

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