Hello. Ever since surf_mom got ported to CS:GO, the port for both CS:GO and CS:S have been very messed up from the original TF2 version that I released. As a result, I have decided to fix the map so at least it won't be messed up on KSF. (If anyone wants to port this new version to CS:GO that would be very appreciated.)

* Ported from original TF2 bsp.
* Geometry cleaned up and remade. (This is purely for optimization reasons but it may affect map times in minor ways. Times may need to be reset depending on how this affects it.)
* Ramps are now playerclipped to avoid unintentional bhops and ramp glitches.
* Bonus is properly ported to include the entire bonus instead of just the 5-second ending of the bonus.
* Player spawn amount increased from 1 to 60.
* Spawn cages now have a ceiling to prevent any potential cheating.
* Added a fall damage filter for local play.
* Added game_player_equip to remove weapons for local play.


If there are any issues or missing textures/models let me know. Thanks.