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Admin Application
First Name
Your real name.
CSGO Username
Please enter your CSGO Username.
Steam ID
Please enter your correct steamid.
Steam Account Name
Please enter your steam account name.
You must be 17 or older to apply.
Duration of time applicant has been surfing on KSF
How long have you been playing on our servers?
3.69 Days
Do you actively participate on the KSFClan forums
Participation on our forums will increase your chances of being accepted.
I check averagely but don't post a lot.
Do you actively participate on the KSFClan Discord
Participation on our discord server will increase your chances of being accepted.
I could start using it.
Are you currently in another clan
If so please post your current clan.
Reason for applying
Why have you decided to apply for our CSGO admin position.
I've been surfing for a little while, note I'm not the best surfer in the world, but I like doing it.. I started in Jan 2015, Yea I do not have a lot of time on the server but I' feel like I've been on a lot more than that... KSF seems to be the only surfing server I really enjoy, there is always talking in the Easy surf server and I love getting involved. Also, I try my best to be as friendly as possible. :D
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Thread: .Redden's App

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    .Redden's App

    Much love.

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    Never heard of you and i don't think being in KSF servers for 4 days is going to make you admin... But yeah , good luck

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