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Yung Bob
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I would like to join the server so I can surf.
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    Surf Unban Request

    I haven't been on the server since like yesterday or maybe the day before and I tried logging on today and was banned. It says I was mic spamming, but I wasn't on so I couldn't have been mic spamming. I saw that there were some other people on the forums with the same problem, so I'm guessing that there is some problem with server or something, idk.

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    Cheazy was explaing the situation in another thread. Unfortunately there is a problem that is causing some people to share the same steam id so someone must have been banned for mic spamming which caused all the other people sharing that steam id to be banned as well. Hopefully it will be fixed soon but if not atleast its only 24 hours and not a permaban XD

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