View Entry Info: banned without even playing?

Unban Request
Name being used on the server at the time
Enter your chat username at that time of your ban.
Date and Time of ban
Please give us an estimate of when you were banned.
don't know 14.10.2016
Admins online(afk or not)
What admins were online during the time of the ban.
don't know, wasn't playing
Which admin do you think banned you
What was the chat username of the admin who banned you.
don't know, wasn't playing
Why you think you were banned
Was there a reason given for your ban?
I even wasn't playing. It says "mic spam"
Your SteamID
Please enter your steamid.
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    banned without even playing?

    Hello KSF-Team,

    I joined as every day on your server. The profile behind "!rank" didn't match my profile "boko". I had another name and rank.
    I thought it was a technical issue with the server/IP, I left and wanted to wait until it was fixed.

    Late at night i checked if it's fixed. I couldn't join because "ban due to mic spam".

    That cannot be, because I didnt even play. Is this caused by the server confusing my profile?

    Kindly I ask you to help me out and/or get in contact with me.

    Greetings and Thanks in Advance!

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    ok, nevermind, problem was solved i guess

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