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Unban Request
Name being used on the server at the time
Enter your chat username at that time of your ban.
Date and Time of ban
Please give us an estimate of when you were banned.
Admins online(afk or not)
What admins were online during the time of the ban.
Which admin do you think banned you
What was the chat username of the admin who banned you.
Why you think you were banned
Was there a reason given for your ban?
"mic spam"
Your SteamID
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    Wrongful Temp Ban

    I haven't been on for a couple of days and came on to find I've been banned with 21 hours left for mic spam. If I were mic spamming last time I was on I definitely didn't get a warning but I don't mic spam, and have no idea who gave the ban. thanks *edit* just saw other ban appeals and just found out the issue my bad
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