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    Ban Request - 2x Mic Spammers

    Ban request, or global/perm mute request I suppose

    Name of the offending player: Skinkerytter and أنس) (they change their names anyway)

    Time when it happened: 8pm onwards (UK time, so 9pm EU time)

    Number of people on the server at the time: between 30-40, currently 42

    Admins online(afk or not): None on server

    Reason you are requesting this ban: Both these people were micspamming and trolling endlessly, rejoining to avoid selfmutes, generally just only here to bother and troll people

    Steam ID of the offending player: Skinkerytter = STEAM_1:1:27004598 | أنس) = STEAM_1:1:10938509

    Evidence: - Shows both spamming/rejoining (Tell me if you'd rather have this on youtube or something, it should play fine though) - People !selfmuting one then he rejoins (other guy was doing this too, he just left for a bit and came back mid recording)

    Also this thread is related, I think he meant to post it in the CSGO section, but it's just another guy who's seen them do it:
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    Users have been permanently banned from the server.

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