How to manage the content, community, and functionality of your Drupal site

Have you been handed the reigns to a Drupal site you don't understand? Are you a Drupal developer who wants to empower your client to run their own site? If you need to run a Drupal site or you know someone who needs to run a Drupal site, then THIS is the video you need! Addison Berry, Angie Byron, and Jeff Robbins present a finished site with many common modules enabled and walk through common administration tasks and concepts such as:
The content creation process and the different types of content
Assigning roles and permissions
Dealing with problematic users
Organizing content and comments through the taxonomy and menu system
Controlling the look and feel of the site
Basics of Drupal image handling
The differences between the front-end and the back-end
An introduction to the module configuration that drives the functionality of your site
Reports and logs that help you monitor the health of your site
Resources for getting further help

Full chapter listing:
Getting oriented with Drupal
Creating content
Explaining content types
Administering users
Administering taxonomy
Administering content
Administering menus
Administering blocks
Overview of modules
Administering themes
Images and input formats
Configuration settings and report logs
Getting help