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02-12-2017, 09:20 AM
This forum exists to facilitate new map requests and votes for new maps.

1. Anyone may create a thread to request a new map and anyone may vote.
2. Do not make duplicates. If the map is already requested either in CSS/CSGO sections and both versions of the map exist, it will be added to both games. Two map requests are unnecessary.
3. If the map is added only to one game and not the other, requests for that map are allowed.
4. Unreleased maps are allowed to be requested as long as their release date is within a month of the request. This is to facilitate adding a new map as soon as it is released and to serve as an advertisement for an up coming map.

1. A poll will be created with every map request. You may vote YES/NO for the map.
2. Once a threshold of YES votes is hit, the map will be designated as "REQUEST APPROVED" by a moderator and the map will be added to the queue of maps that will be added to the server.
3. The goal is to add the approved map within 72 hours of the request being approved. There is a minimum of a few days between new map additions to give time for the map to be set up. If there are multiple maps being approved quickly, they will be added to the servers when they reach their place in the queue.

Current Map Queue:

02-19-2017, 04:32 PM
Added surf_minimumwage