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24.09.2016 at 17:30 gmt
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no idea
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crashing the server on purpose
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    Someone crashing the server on purpose

    korqee nimmt teil.
    [Surf Timer] - Checkpoint [3] 00:33:29 (WR +00:01:27)
    korqee (STEAM_0:0:6555911) connected from Russian Federation
    [Rookie] korqee : Hello
    [KSF Clan] - Visit our combat server at
    arxxy nimmt teil.
    arxxy (STEAM_0:1:122299760) connected from United States
    [Surf Timer] - Europe - surf_halloween_tf2 (24/40) IP:
    [Skilled] Nokerz : !hpo
    [Skilled] Nokerz : !hop
    *DEAD* [Experienced] arxxy : rtv
    [SM] arxxy wants to rock the vote. (1 votes, 11 required)
    korqee nimmt teil.
    korqee (STEAM_0:0:6555911) connected from Russian Federation
    [Rookie] korqee : Hello
    korqee suicided.
    [Rookie] korqee : Can I try to broke this server?
    [KSF Clan] - Type !vipinfo to view all the vip features!
    [Surf Timer] - Checkpoint [3] 00:33:67 (WR +00:01:64)
    [Rookie] korqee : break*
    [Experienced] friqueel : ヘ
    [Beginner] Robbz :3 : no
    (Terrorist) [Rookie] bic : !specbot
    [Rookie] korqee : Why?
    [Experienced] friqueel : wucki : BECAUSE ITS FUN U FUCKING
    [Rookie] korqee : Its fun!
    [Rookie] korqee : u r right
    [Rookie] korqee : So
    [Surf Timer] - dayoh is ranked 49/1274 [Group 1] with time of 01:30:73 on surf_halloween_tf2
    [Rookie] korqee : Just for moment...

    Hi, so a few minutes ago a guy named "korqee" joined the server and asked if its ok to break the server. At first i thought he was joking but a few seconds later the server crashed...

    Might want to give that guy a ban or something.

    Edit: Was on the EU Server btw and map was surf_halloween_tf
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    He's already been banned.

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