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about 23:48
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Dont know :/
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talks shit about my mom, also using N word.. Hes racist...
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Thread: Banrequest

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    Quote Originally Posted by DruffwieHary View Post
    I dont know if this is the Clans culture to have racist and offending people on their servers but i dont think so.
    That's.... that's exactly the the culture of this clan. Sorry you had to hear it from me.
    03:14 - MIKE: you should have fucking warned me
    03:14 - MIKE: now you have to buy me a new desk
    03:14 - MIKE: cause the boner i got smashed right through it

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    We are not racist and do not encourage racism however, we believe you should be able to say what you want which is why we are very lenient on these matters. You can just type !hidechat after all.. Also how can you be offended so easily by some random dude on the internet, this must be a joke.

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