I made several people mad while coming up with this. Probably.

Details about the map:
- Linear map divided into 5/7/whatever segments
- Starts at low- to mid-t1, goes up to mid-t2
- Looks corrupted and/or glitchy (can be textures or the level itself)

I have no idea how collabs so for now this is how I'm doing it:
- Create a test map that fits all the above descriptions (can be of any tier with any collaborators; don't stress yourself too much over this part). Note that this will not be the version that makes it into the final map, unless I decide to allow it.
- Record yourself (Recorded video, client demo and STV demo, on KSF settings)
- Send me a DM here or on Steam with an attached .zip/.rar/.7z/etc. containing the aforementioned videos/demos as well as the map files.
If your submission is accepted, I'll DM you an invite to the Discord server we'll be using. I'll try and respond to as many entries as I can.