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    complaine admin an deban


    Admin ban me while I not surfing because i have skin, if you want that the useful not to erase
    That serves has nothing to have these skins then and trails especially when i dont surf' to ban me
    your admin is a idiot kid
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    @Negan, thats one way to complaint, insulting the admin(s). You are not credible at all with your attitude. And using the crane skin is asking for troubles especially when you are in a startzone.

    Stay banned kid.

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    Some of the more disruptive skins should go to be honest, or made so you can remove them with !hide. The situation is dumb really, because this is a VIP who donated, saw that he could use an absurdly large crane for fun, and used that; but there's also a language barrier here that's quite apparent.
    Just using a large skin shouldn't classify you as wanting to make trouble, whether you're surfing or not especially without knowledge that other people can see it with !hide on (I'm assuming this is where this confusion is coming from on his part or even on my part).

    Maybe I'm just being dumb and !hide does in fact hide large models such as this, which will make my previous statements irrelevant. But !hide still exists for a reason.
    I don't really condone his speech or choice of vocabulary but this is a pretty dumb situation.

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    Its not the first time negan did that, he already did it a few month back and was banned for it, he s using crane on purpose.

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