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    Inactive admins and accepting new ones

    Thought about posting this on Mwesty's admin app thread but figured it was more appropriate to make a general thread.

    Also as a disclaimer: I do not mean any disrespect toward these admins. I understand they were accepted at some point because they were seen as good fits. I also understand that they do not have an obligation to the server in any way.

    So something that seems to come up very often in the GO admin applications is the sentiment of a general lack of admins. I also feel that this is the case.
    Here is the list of the 13 current admins on the KSF:GO admin group on steam. I would include their hours on CSGO in the last 2 weeks if I could/knew how.

    Dick Wizard

    Out of these 13, around half of them are extremely inactive (personally have not seen them on GO in the last 6+ months) and a lot of others play somewhat occasionally.
    The especially inactive ones are Stratex, Rainbowww, Vis, Camilk, and Calyx. Mada had been inactive for some time but seems to have returned. Gazza I see very infrequently. Binx was active a few months ago but have rarely seen him I have seen Dick Wizard, Dremora, Warbag and Cheazy (on a separate account I assume) on the KSF servers as of recent.

    These are my personal experiences but I think a lot of the CSGO regulars would be able to agree with me. I try to avoid the tier1-2 server so my observations might be skewed, however I do think there needs to be an admin cleanup/an addition of more active admins.

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    I would like some more confirmation from others about the mentioned admins being inactive, please. Just post here.

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    I cant really say for few names there as I don't know but I will agree on some of them. Could be a time zone thing but who knows.

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    I agree with your list of especially inactive ones. I would include john, but he is in ksf so he gets admin by default.

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    I started playing on my alt which is my main and original steam account. I stop by ksf go every once in awhile but these days I have been trick surfing or just surf on css ksf.

    There just came a point where I wasn't improving as much at surf anymore by playing on the t1-2. And like most of the admins, we want to improve at surf and a lot of the time admins convert over and start primarily playing css.

    If that means losing admin for being inactive, so be it. I don't really blame you. It has been a long time since I have seen about half of these admins.

    This is just going to be a reoccurring thing though I think. All of the admins are/were decent surfers. We don't want to babysit the tier 1 to 2 server all the time. Because really this is the only server that needs administrating. (At least for my time zone, because the EU server is never active when I am online.) As well as VIPs almost have the same powers as us besides banning anyway.

    And the people who do apply and mostly just play the 1-2 server, they aren't really fit for the position. Usually they have just started surfing or just started playing on the server so we can't really trust that they are here to stay. Or nobody really knows who they are.

    My one suggestion would be making the main server a t1-6 but then it wouldn't be a noob server and the population of the server may decrease. Or maybe increase if the better surfers started playing on it. Who knows. It's a tough situation.

    Being an admin on go is mainly just for the tag, or free VIP (without paint and replays). And muting the occasional spammer who keeps rejoining to avoid his mute. The rules are very lenient and I was pretty lenient about it myself. The servers don't really need as much administrating as they did maybe a year ago. There is not much you can do that is really ban worthy that can't just be solved with a mute or gag. And when you do need a ban, it is often done by the head admins.

    If there was a way to prevent spammers from rejoining over and over to avoid their mute, I really don't see much point in even having admins. VIPs have almost as much power. I'm not saying we should remove VIP privileges because for the most part, people are behaved and don't abuse their power. The ones that do abuse can just have that power removed.

    tl;dr my suggestions:

    • Maybe make t1-2 server, t1-6. or maybe even t1-3. Could be bad idea though for the population. Or could have the opposite effect.
    • Remove admin. Make it so you can't avoid a mute/gag by rejoining the server. Gag/mutes done by VIPs. Abusive VIPs get powers removed. It's pay for admin but honestly it seems to work for how lenient our rules are. Banning is a rare occurrence unless it's for cheating records which is done by the head admins. Everything else can usually be solved with a gag/mute.

    Last edited by cheazy; 06-18-2017 at 03:03 PM.

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    I do agree that we have too many people who are inactive. I will see to it and maybe we'll accept more people in the future.

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    I also agree on cheazys opinion.

    Anyways, here's my experience with the admins since I started surfing on ksf:

    Never seen: Stratex, Rainbowwww, Camilk

    Rarely/Long time not seen: Vis, Dick Wizard, Calyx

    Sometimes/ Recently seen: Mada, Gazza, Dremora, cheazy, Warbag, Binx

    Although I have to say that Dremora, cheazy and Binx were more of a one time seen since a while, like a consistent one.

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    Hey this thread seems old (3 weeks) but justified, year 2016 and beginning 2017 was CrAzY for me. I will come back to a more active surfing on GO, but if the head admins (bless them) feel like 1yr and like 4-5 months is too long and my admin should be revoke i woudn't be salty and it will be justified. Have a good summer
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