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03-11-2009, 05:50 PM
1. What is your real name? Jason Schymanski

2. What is your in-game name? Artifacts

3. How old are you? 19

4. Where do you live? Canada

5. What's your Steam ID? STEAM_0:0:1229633

6. How long have you been playing Counter-Strike: Source? ive been playing since 1.1

7. How long have you been surfing in Counter-Strike: Source? for about 3 years

8. List the skill surf maps you are able to finish. If you can't finish any of them, list how far you can get in some of the major ones (fruits, vegetables, ny_advance, etc) surf_vegetables, surf_fruits, Ny_advance 1-3, surf_lore, commune beta and others as well.

9. What makes you want to be a part of KSF? a good head on my shoulders and the ability to help a player in accomplishing goals related to his surf, being a responsible admin as well treat others with respect and dignity

10. What makes you believe you'll be a good addition to KSF? a friendly chap that enjoys surfing , and as well my dedication to the clan and its benefits it offers from trying new maps to posing as a role model for KSF!

11. Are you an asshole? extremely.....not hahaha

12. No, seriously. Are you an asshole? instinctively.... not

13. Are you a liar? you can answer that question with a big N O!

14. Do you have any questions for the staff? Ask them here. i think im fine thanks for your time and considering my app, all the best man. :D